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Founded in 2019, acTVe FAST Channels aims to provide solutions for distributors, studios and media brands who aspire to have their own FAST Channels, but lack the infrastructure, technology or knowledge on how to launch them. Based on the clients needs, we serviced every element necessary for them to enter the FAST Market while still owning their FAST Channel(s) and the coveted advertising inventory.

Our Services Include:

  • Channel Creation, Strategy & Branding

  • Platform Carriage Deals

  • Content Licensing, Negotiating and Acquisition

  • Scheduling and Programming

  • Creation of Ad Interstitials

  • Programmatic Advertising Integrations 

  • Hiring/Training In House Staff

    ...and more!

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CEO | Founder

Geoffrey J Clark has worked in media and entertainment for 20 years as a Distribution Executive, FAST Channel pioneer, a film and television producer and a media brand President. He has produced, distributed and been a sales agent on over 70 feature films and television series since 2005. As one of the early FAST channel operators in 2017, he has since launched 20+ FAST channels to every Free to Watch streaming platform, including SamsungTV Plus, Freevee, SlingTV, VizioWatch+, Xumo Play, LG Channels, RakutenTV, PlutoTV, Plex, LocalNow, DistroTV and more. He currently works with a variety FAST channels, including the most watched Documentary FAST Channel in Documentary+, and the first blockchain News FAST Channel DeFiance.



Kyle Brunick has spent the past decade helping build and grow successful entertainment brands. With a community-first approach, he leverages technology and storytelling to create immersive experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. By becoming deeply embedded with the community, he identifies emerging trends. He helped establish FAST sci-fi channel DUST as a leading destination for science fiction content as well as grow horror FAST brand, ALTER, a devoted following. His work with Podium Audio helped establish itself as the fastest growing audiobook publishing company in the world.


Director | Marketing

Magen Mattox has over a decade of experience in marketing, brand building and social media strategy. She has managed marketing and launch campaigns in entertainment, fashion and luxury brands - including the Stanley Kubrick Estate. Previous partnerships and employment include Free People, Halcyon Studios, ESX Studios and Village Roadshow, to name a few. 


Channel Content Curator

Nathan Myers is a former editor of Surfing Magazine, Surfline, and The Surfers Journal. He partnered with filmmaker Taylor Steele on, as well as films like The Drifter, Castles in the Sky, Stranger Than Fiction, and Proximity. His directing credits include Here & Now, Se7en Signs, and The More Things Change. He is the world's leading authority on guacamole.

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